Three Reasons All Dogs Should Attend Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycare can seem like a frivolous expense for some pet owners. Others may feel that doggie daycare is something that only the very rich dog owners take advantage of for their pets. However, doggie daycare provides several benefits to dogs and their parents alike. These benefits are well worth the cost of tuition at the doggie daycare. The following benefits are just a few of the things that doggie daycares do to help create well-rounded, polite dogs.


All dogs need to learn to socialize with other dogs and humans. Doggie daycare allows dogs to learn valuable social skills that they wouldn't obtain on daily walks around the neighborhood. Dogs learn to interact with each other in play areas with dogs of their size and skill level. They also learn to share toys and have manners. Doggie daycares are staffed by compassionate humans with a passion for dogs. These humans can help teach manners and provide socialization with humans, so dogs don't freak out or jump and bark when meeting new people.


Dogs can get into mischief when left alone in the house when their human parents are at work or school, or running errands. Likewise, a fire or other issue at the house can be dangerous or even deadly for a dog left home alone. Doggie daycare provides a safe place to keep dogs out of trouble. They return home at the end of the visit relaxed and happy, with a human parent that isn't stressed about chewed up furniture or destroyed shoes all over the house.


Like humans, dogs get bored when they are left to sit idle in the house all day. Dogs need mental and physical stimulation to keep them from becoming depressed or getting into trouble. Doggie daycare provides a dog with lots of exercise and mental stimulation. The dog will return to his owner at the end of the day without the need to bark incessantly or run all over the house like a madman.

When looking for a doggie daycare for a furry friend, it is important to ask questions. Some facilities who offer doggie daycare are merely day boarding services. The dogs are left in kennels and let out for brief periods to potty and stretch. Other doggie daycare facilities provide play areas and supervision while they spend the day playing with toys and other dogs of their size and temperament. The latter type of doggie daycare is the best to help with social skills and keep a dog physically fit. Call local daycares, like Sitting Pretty Canine Services dog boarding, for more information.