Three Reasons All Dogs Should Attend Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycare can seem like a frivolous expense for some pet owners. Others may feel that doggie daycare is something that only the very rich dog owners take advantage of for their pets. However, doggie daycare provides several benefits to dogs and their parents alike. These benefits are well worth the cost of tuition at the doggie daycare. The following benefits are just a few of the things that doggie daycares do to help create well-rounded, polite dogs. [Read More]

Curb These Two Behaviours That Can Get Your Dog Booted From Day Care

If you have a busy schedule and a dog, doggy day care is a great option. Your dog gets exercise, companionship, and potty breaks, and you don't have to feel guilty about being gone from home. However, if your dog engages in certain disruptive behaviours, you may find yourself asked to take your pet elsewhere. Here are two big doggy day care no-nos and how to curb them. Barking All dogs bark, and a bit of normal excited yapping is par for the course at day care. [Read More]